It was just tonight when I needed you the most, that I knew I wouldn’t be able to have you. Just now that my world is collapsing and my soul is so shattered that it cannot bear it any longer. Just tonight that my baggage was heavier. Tonight you aren’t there to help me. And I needed your help. I need it. I need you. But you aren’t there. I just need to share with you that part of me that few know about, and among all of them, you were my first thought.  Then I realized that you wouldn’t be there. Not tonight, not when I needed you the most. So vulnerable! So scared. It was a very sad revelation, I started to see a different reality before me. Who you are is the most beautiful discovery in my life. Who you are is, tonight, painful. Oh! Beautiful creature, full of love to give… But not tonight, at least not to me, just when I need you the most.

AND still the cutest kitten.





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